About Me

Who is Kyle Barr?

I am a writer, reporter and editor currently based in New York. I have been an reporter, editor and managing editor at a regional paper located on Long Island for close to four years.

In my time reporting I have covered practically every subject, from politics to government to environment and many more. I have written breaking news, expose stories, features and obituaries. While editor, I was responsible for covering county, town and village government, as well as police or other stories of interest to the local communities on North Shore Long Island.

I am also an aspiring fiction writer, and I am currently finishing the second round of edits on my book called “Only the Ocean,” an alternating sci-fi and historical fiction drama, in which Horatio Nelson, the hero of the battles of The Nile and Trafalgar, sails around a drowned world in purgatory, searching for where God went. It’s a story of how nations and their people see themselves, and how when man attempts to recreate a glorified past, they neglect both the present and the future.

Please feel free to contact me via email for more information. For work use kbarr@gizmodo.com. For other stuff try kylebarrwrites@gmail.com