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All the Rivers Run into the Ocean:
Touring Europe on the Edge of the Pandemic


Travel Blog 20: Home Alone 9: This time I’m Macaulay Culkin Click here to see a route of where I went these past two months. What’s worse about coming home then finding the grooves of your life already established in the earth? I only need to lay myself down onto those tracks and let my…

Stories of Falling Water and Dry Earth

Travel Blog 19: This One’s For All the Marbles It was our second to last day in Iceland when my brother asked me, “what do you think an environment like this does to the perspectives of the people who live there?” There is a starkness to everything in Iceland, though maybe except the people. Along…

Living Like a Water Strider on the Streets of Copenhagen

Travel Blog 18: A Blog Now Old Enough to Drive We can all only be so lucky to have guideposts pointing in the direction of our graves.  It’s what one can expect when walking into the Assistens Kirkegård, a cemetery in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen that features many famous Danes. It’s an open air…

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