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All the Rivers Run into the Ocean:
Touring Europe on the Edge of the Pandemic

Do Rebels Need Causes?

Travel Blog 13: The McRib of Blogs “Are you a rebel?” My host Pascal, the genuine-natured Swiss man living along the east bank of Lake Zurich, brought that query down on my head as we sat on his terrace for dinner. He had spent hours cooking for just the two of us, starting with a … More

The Winding Ways of Time

Travel Blog 12: Hakuna Matata These mountains are not quiet places. There is no sound to the wind, while the buzzing insects and rustling grass are just more of the normal subtle harmony of a place surrounded by the caps of blooming flowers. There is hardly any birdsong, or at least none one can hear, … More

Both the Lakes and Mountains are Still

Travel Blog 11: Really Just the Sequel to “Biodome” All my paths lead up. I feel like I am always climbing, my legs burning, my neck craned at a 45 degree angle. Either the world is tilting, or I have a penchant to go where the sights are grandest. Normally, that means being forced to … More

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